Latest 2operate innovations on view at the Mobile World Congress

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We invite you to come and check out the latest 2operate innovations at our stand 7N71 in Hall 7.

Energy consumption by base stations plays a big role in mobile network operating costs, and Radio Access Networks account for the majority of this power consumption. And RAN operating costs are expected to increase still further as 5G rolls out and more 4G frequency bands become available.

With our new ECO-RAN solution 2operate has been busy rethinking how best to enable mobile operators to minimize energy consumption in RAN – especially for complex, multi-vendor network setups.

Applying advanced AI optimization algorithms, 2solve ECO-RAN is able to identify network elements that can be entirely or partly deactivated during low traffic periods in order to reduce energy consumption.

We will also be showcasing how our 2solve Service Classifier tool is able to take coverage calculation and optimization to the next level. Converting and presenting accurate coverage calculations from planning software in easy-to-interpret structures and formats helps many different mobile service provider stakeholders make better-informed decisions about planning network infrastructure.

Service Classifier is also pivotal in ensuring compliance with the conditions and obligations laid out in regulatory licenses. From a high-level view of polygons featuring license requirement fulfilments, we have made it possible to break the network map down into 50x50m or 100x100m detailed squares of service-quality information.

This provides operators with immediate, detailed insights into each network’s performance metrics, and quickly identifies any detailed mismatches between license regulations and network performance. Using the 2solve Service Classifier, operators know exactly where – and how – to intervene to bring any service quality shortfalls back up to any required standard.

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