Reducing energy consumption and carbon footprints have become a worldwide focus as part of greener company profiles and operating protocols. Energy consumption by base stations contributes significantly to high mobile network operating costs, and Radio Access Networks (RAN), account for the majority of the power consumption involved. And RAN operating costs are expected to increase even more as 5G rolls out and more frequency bands become available in 4G. One of the most effective ways to save energy in such network operations is to turn off any unnecessary equipment during off-peak hours, making sure the network only uses the minimum energy required to maintain a high-quality service. 2solve ECO-RAN raises the bar compared with existing solutions by addressing this key element of energy saving as a data-driven optimization system. It does this by forecasting traffic demands, calculating the best combination of network elements that can be deactivated when traffic is low, and by automatically re-configuring the network “on the fly”.

Site Configurator

2solve Site Configurator enables mobile operators to streamline and automate their site configuration processes, and reduces the time required to manage critical changes and repetitive tasks across complex multi-technology networks. Everything gets quicker,
easier and less error-prone.

Service Classifier

Service Classifier provides clear, easy-to-read graphical presentations about how geographical conditions and topography will impact service quality (e.g. experienced data rates). The tool presents highly technical planning data in a straightforward way that personnel throughout the service provider organization find easy to understand and put to good use for better-informed decisions and better customer service.


2solve is an OSS solution using smart algorithms to boost productivity in Network Assurance processes. The solution reduces incident handling time and network downtime by enabling personnel in both Frontline Support and Back Office to detect and diagnose network incidents faster. Moreover, the empowerment of Customer Support personnel will lead to a better customer experience due to effective communication and problem resolution. 2solve achieves automated incident diagnostics on top of raw PM, FM, and CM data by exploiting advanced statistical algorithms and pre-configured knowledge bases. Improved efficiency and better customer satisfaction will improve the profitability of your business.

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