2operate Featured in New VanillaPlus on CEM

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Make sure to read the new CEM issue of VanillaPlus where 2operate’s CEO, Lars Moltsen, talks about mixing network-centric and customer-centric processes.

Traditionally, network quality has been ensured through strong, network-centric processes. In recent years, Big Data technology has allowed for better Customer Experience monitoring. But just because you have a new left eye available, you should not forget about the old right one!: The way forward to achieving efficient incident management is holistic, rock-solid processes making use of combined subscriber-centric and network-centric data.

2solve is 2operate’s system for proactive incident discovery and simplification of the troubleshooting process. The system exploits advanced mathematics originally developed for medical diagnostic purposes for process automation. This enables non-technical staff to verify or classify incidents and involve the right technical specialist much faster.

A PDF version of the issue is available at this link.