Teleforum 2013 at Faroe Islands

On 16-17 May, Faroese Telecom hosted this year’s Teleforum event in Thorshavn, Faroe Islands, where a number of the World’s smallest service providers, all members of TOSS (Telecom Operators of Small States), met to share experiences.

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The delegates discussed a range of the same commercial and technological challenges as known from larger markets. However, smaller markets also means special challenges and opportunities which demand different solutions and approaches:

  • How to compare/benchmark performance against operators with millions of subscribers?
  • Are there special revenue streams which are insignificant for big operators, but perfect for a small operator?
  • How and when to deploy and operate new technology when technical resources are limited?

toss200x127A 2solve solution is in many ways a good fit with small operators: Its auto-diagnostics capabilities can be of great help when personnel in network operations needs to cover multiple technologies (working as generalists more than specialists) in the small organisation.

The event also allowed for more informal talks and time to meet the culture and nature of the Faroe Islands. Here, delegates of Teleforum on a boat trip, having Tinganes – the Faroese parliament, dating back to the original viking settlers – in the background.