2operate and TeliaSonera sign long-term contract in three countries

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TeliaSonera extends collaboration with 2operate on preventive mobile network assurance using smart algorithms in Denmark, Finland, and Lithuania.

Aalborg, Denmark – January 4, 2016 – 2operate today announced that it has entered into a long-term agreement with TeliaSonera on the use of its 2solve solution for preventive network assurance in Denmark, Finland, and Lithuania. 2solve, which is unique by using smart algorithms for automated network element diagnostics, has already been deployed on all access technologies (GSM, WCDMA, and LTE) in the three countries.

The 2solve solution increases productivity of network incident handling compared to traditional OSS solutions by using advanced algorithms for automated incident troubleshooting. This reduces the time to diagnose and fix incidents, thereby increasing network uptime and quality. Moreover, the tool increases the general level of understanding of the network in both technical and nontechnical teams working in network operations and customer care. Under the new agreement, 2operate will continue developing its multi-technology, multi-vendor system to further increase the level of process automation and network understanding. Such development will have special focus on new concepts such as VoLTE, which is expected to play an important role on all markets in the coming years.

We are very proud of signing this deal with the largest service provider in the Scandinavian and
Baltic region.“, said Lars Moltsen, CEO and co-founder of 2operate. “Working together for the past
few years, we know very well the vision and demands of TeliaSonera to create value through
superior network connectivity, and we highly respect that they dare to innovate and be first in the
market with new concepts. We look forward to work on new challenges together in the coming

We want to ensure the best possible network connectivity and quality for all our customers.“,
said Henrik Kofod, CTO of Telia Danmark. “The 2solve solution is widely used in our organisation
among engineers, technical supporters, managers, and even sales people. It helps us to better
understand how the network is currently performing and to proactively discover and fix problems
before they have an impact on customers.

About 2operate

2operate simplifies Network Assurance in several countries across and outside of Europe. We have
developed an Operations Support System (OSS) solution including ‘an artificial brain’ for
automated diagnostic reasoning inspired by methodology from the medical domain. Using 2solve,
an organisation is able to advance its productivity by allowing both front and back office staff to
understand the network better. 2operate has established itself as an innovative solution provider
in the OSS and Network Assurance market. Based in Aalborg, Denmark which has been a center
of telecom innovation since the first generation of mobile communications, 2operate, together
with its customers, constantly seeks efficiency and simplicity in network operations.

For more information, please contact:

Lars Moltsen, CEO
Phone: +45 2070 4123
Email: lm@2operate.com

About TeliaSonera

TeliaSonera brings the world closer by providing leading communication services to millions of
customers every day in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Eurasia and Spain. We also own and
operate one of the world’s most extensive fiber backbones – empowering people, businesses and
societies to execute their most critical activities. The digital society is a global movement. By
being connected, people all over the world can explore, invent and share. And this is our business.
Our passion. Everything we do is about bringing the world closer through technology.

For more information, please visit: www.teliasonera.com.

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