2solve Suite

2solve is an OSS solution using smart algorithms to boost productivity in Network Assurance processes.

The solution reduces incident handling time and network downtime by enabling personnel in both Frontline Support and Back Office to detect and diagnose network incidents faster. Moreover, the empowerment of Customer Support personnel will lead to a better customer experience due to effective communication and problem resolution.

Read the solution brochure at this link.

2solve Service Classifier

Service Classifier is a new module for the well-proven 2solve OSS suite provided by 2operate.

Service Classifier provides clear, easy-to-read graphical presentations about how geographical conditions and topography will impact service quality (e.g. experienced data rates).

Read the product sheet at this link.

2solve Site Configurator

Site Configurator enables mobile operators to streamline and automate their site configuration processes, and reduces the time required to manage critical changes and repetitive tasks across complex multi-technology networks. Everything gets quicker, easier and less error-prone.

Read the product sheet at this link.

2solve ECO-RAN

ECO-RAN (Energy Consumption Optimization in RAN) a new way for mobile operators to face energy consumption challenges and accelerate transition towards a sustainable and greener profile by energy optimization in RAN

Read the product sheet at this link.