2solve Troubleshooting Suite

A simpler OSS solution for service and network performance management

2solve is an advanced and innovative OSS solution designed to support the entire troubleshooting process: From a fault is detected until a resolution has been validated. With 2solve, you do not need any other tool. Watch our online video demonstration.

The brain is why 2solve is so unique

2solve has an underlying reasoning engine – a brain – that makes it unique from other OSS tools: In addition to performance data and alarms provided by traditional OSS tools, 2solve adds a built-in extra layer of intelligence based on knowledge, experience and automated reasoning. It thus features a unique diagnostics center.

The system is highly automated and provides a user-friendly interface with advanced data visualization.This makes data available for more staff members: non-technical staff members are able to assess service performance degradations and quickly decide who to involve. This means that the staff members can communicate effectively about the state of the network and thus improve both service and network operations.


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Network management becomes simple and effective

2solve Troubleshooting Suite will benefit the entire organization as well as staff at all levels of the organization.

2solve uses captured human knowledge in combination with very fast reasoning algorithms to identify and diagnose potential network problems. The system continuously feeds the brain with data and alarms which are important for diagnostics. You can combine this information with network configuration details to help pinpoint specific solutions.

2solve is designed to support less specialized staff. The built-in extra layer of intelligence enables First Line Support to quickly verify if a complaint is due to a network incident. This will significantly reduce the number of incidents being sent to Back Office: More incidents can be closed immediately, and First Line Support staff is able to better pass on tickets to the right expert or team. 2solve also provides analysis tools for detecting network incidents proactively before customers are affected.

Improved customer experience
2solve enables you to provide customers with fast and accurate response, and due to proactive troubleshooting, the customers will experience better network quality. This will improve overall customer experience.

Reduced OPEX
2solve enables you to solve incidents faster and with fewer staff members involved. This decreases the cost of network operations.

Quality network
Automated diagnostics enables faster responses to degraded network quality, which enhances proactive incident handling, thus providing excellent customer experience.

Empowering staff
2solve provides Front Line Staff with the information required to communicate effectively with customers. This is possible as technical information from the network is accessible in an understandable format. Therefore, Front Line Staff has access to basic information about a given incident without technical experience and without spending extra time.

Fast incident handling
2solve is designed to support non-technical staff working closer to customers. First Line staff can now quickly identify issues and pass on tickets to Back Office. In this way, 2solve ensures that customer complaints are handled with minimum resolution time.

Knowledge sharing
2solve has built-in features that enable effective knowledge sharing. This means that you do not lose information when an incident is moved between organizational units.


Your customers will love you for it…


Simple and effective troubleshooting

2solve facilitates your entire troubleshooting process: From a fault is detected until a resolution has been validated.

A user-friendly interface and advanced visualization makes data available to more staff members. This enables effective communication about the state of the network from Front Line Support to Back Office: It is easy for Front Line Support to check whether the complaint is due to a network incident and provide the customer with initial feedback. 2solve provides detailed network data and a list of probable faults. It is thus easy to assess a network incident and send the relevant information to the right Back Office expert.

Proactive troubleshooting that makes a difference for the end customer!

With 2solve you will be able to detect and resolve network incidents before end customers are affected.

2solve can be set up to send alarms of cells showing abnormal performance and reports of worst performance cells in the network according to any KPI configured in the system. This means, that you can continuously monitor and verify the quality of the network. You can also use 2solve to analyze the network for cells with a specific fault. You can thus proactively improve network quality by detecting and solving network incidents before end customers are affected.

First Line Support Staff

Can respond fast and accurately to customer complaints about network quality issues.

Customer Support Staff

Can send trouble tickets directly to the right expert or specialist unit.

Back Office Staff

Can set up reports to proactively detect service degradations before customers are impacted.


Can quickly assess the impact of network incidents and thus make the right decisions on when and how to act.


2solve Troubleshooting Suite is our main product, and based on this OSS platform we provide solutions for the three largest network suppliers with ready-made, multi-vendor knowledge bases for GSM, UMTS and LTE. Each domain-specific solution contains the following components:

  • 2solve Troubleshooting Suite
  • 2solve Collector (for flexible data integration)
  • Ready-made domain-specific reasoning model (UMTS, GSM, LTE)
  • Basic installation and integration support

Our OSS solutions are ready-made for Huawei, NSN and Ericsson, and can be adapted to any other vendor within a few months.


From the day you place your order, our 2solve team will implement your new 2solve OSS solution within only two weeks.


Quality tests are run on each release
Network elements are monitored by 2solve
Weeks it takes to implement 2solve

Our services to you


From the day you place your order, our 2solve team will implement your new OSS solution 2solve Troubleshooting Suite within only two weeks.

The 2solve Troubleshooting Suite is very easy to access and you will very quickly be able to use all the features in your new OSS tool. Our 2solve team will make sure, that all staff member groups get the training required to use the tools.

Technical support via email is open all year 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and phone support is available all working days from 9-16.

Integration of requested features
We always strive to deliver high quality to our customers regarding both product and experience. Therefore, please let us know, if you request a feature, which has not already been implemented in our product.

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