It all began with a mission:

Simplifying Troubleshooting

A mission that has been successfully steering product development ever since the company was launched.

We’re a team of dedicated and experienced telecom software experts always striving for the best solution. We simplify troubleshooting through high quality work and innovative thinking. As a result, we have developed an OSS platform filling a gap in network operations in the area of proactive and automated troubleshooting. We believe that troubleshooting should be simple and effective, and we are dedicated to provide real value in the form of unique technology to enable better network quality at lower cost. This is why we provide advanced software for effective telecom network management.


How we started

2operate was founded in 2009 in Denmark by a team of experienced telecom executives and software experts to commercialize IPR developed under two European research projects on network automation. The company is supported by public and private investors, including former President of Ericsson Denmark and Telia Denmark, Kaj Juul-Pedersen, who is also the Chairman of the Board as well as former CEO of Sonofon (Telenor Denmark), Torben Svanberg, who is a Board Member.

Located in Aalborg in Denmark, 2operate has since it was founded in 2009 established itself in the market for network management software. Today the company delivers OSS solutions to network operators worldwide and has both potential and strategy for further growth.

Our mission, vision and values are all reflected in the way we work,

our product and our service.


Our mission is simplifying OSS and Network Operations.

Our vision is to make a difference for both mobile operators and end customers by providing leading OSS solutions.

Our 3 main values are: Innovation, Quality and Agility.

We strive to develop solutions to continuously make OSS more simple and efficient for mobile operators. And we are very passionate about always delivering high-quality products and solutions. We want to ensure, that network management is a high-quality experience. We always strive to meet all of our costumers’ needs and expectations in order to ensure an excellent customer experience.

Let us simplify your troubleshooting!

2solve OSS Suite is based on high-quality work and innovative thinking.
Of course, the same goes for the services we provide…