2operate and Faroese Tele to collaborate on new Customer Information Solution

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FT and 2operate in Barcelona

FT and 2operate signs the contract in Barcelona

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, 4 Marts, 2015 –  In front of 2operate’s stand at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Kristian Davidsen – the CEO of Faroese Tele – signed an order for the new 2solve Customer Information solution to allow for subscribers to assess network status directly at a web page.

In Faroese Tele we have great focus on the customer. This extension to our current 2solve setup will increase the level of information about the network, and the customer will be able to report experience back to us.” said Kristian Davidsen.

“This new feature to our 2solve platform is a very exciting way of exploiting the data which is already available on the network.” said Lars Moltsen, CEO at 2operate. “2operate wants to continue developing its offerings. We believe this is best done in collaboration with our customers, and we have great experiences with collaboration with Faroese Tele over the past years.”

About Faroese Tele

Faroese Telecom is the incumbent telco of the Faroe Islands, established by an act of the Faroese Parliament in 1906. In 1998, Faroese Telecom was re-organized as a limited liability corporation with the government of the Faroe Islands as the sole shareholder. Following swift liberalization of the market beginning in 1997, privatization initiatives are underway. Faroese Telecom is the leading provider of ICT services covering traditional telecommunications as well as digital terrestrial television in the Faroe Islands.

Faroese Telecom is headquartered in Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands, and has branch offices located throughout the country. The company employs 190+ highly trained staff with international experience.

Read more at: www.ft.fo

2operate, TELE Greenland, and Thales Alenia Space wins ESA tender

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2operate will lead an ESA project to bring new innovation to satcom

satcom300x250Aalborg, Denmark, 16 October, 2014 – 2operate, Thales Alenia Space España, and TELE Greenland today announced that they have signed a contract with the European Space Agency (ESA) for a project to bring relevant technology, standards, and concepts from terrestrial mobile telecommunications to satellite-based telecommunications. The project was officially kicked off on 1 October when experts from the three consortium members presented initial ideas at ESA’s premises near Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Satcom is expected to play a significant niche role in securing global coverage and certain broadcasting services in future telecommunications systems. Due to its smaller size of satcom compared to terrestrial telecoms, however, the amount of brain power spent in developing concepts and technology is limited. The new project will ensure that relevant research and innovation from terrestrial mobile communications is adopted by the satcom industry. The consortium will systematically screen terrestrial telecommunications for opportunities where satcom will benefit, including preparations of roadmaps and actions on how to make it happen.

We are very proud as a consortium to be selected by ESA to execute this project where we know that competition was tough.” said Lars Moltsen, CEO at 2operate. “The three partners together provide a strong mix of insight and experience in both terrestrial and satellite-based telecommunications, spanning operations as well as development of hardware and software. Our focus in the project is to reduce the cost of each transmitted bit in a satcom system by exploiting available concepts and technology faster. We hope that this will help enabling more people around the World to take advantage of basic and advanced telecommunications services“.

The new project will be the first time TELE Greenland is assigned a contract with ESA, whereas it will be the third time 2operate works in an ESA project. It will be first time, however, that 2operate will lead a project of this size. Thales Alenia Space has a long track record of collaboration with ESA.

This press release in PDF (English)
This press release in PDF (Danish)

2operate at the 22nd Teleforum in Gibraltar

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Teleforum delegatesOn 28-30 May, Gibtelecom hosted the 22nd Teleforum for Telecom Operators of Small States (TOSS) in Gibraltar at the Caleta hotel. Top executives met to discuss opportunities and challenges in an ever changing market.

In an industry where technology and competition changes in an accellerating pace, it is important to sometimes step back and review strategies and direction. Teleforum allows top executives from member organisations to do so together with non-competitors who are facing the exact same challenges. Among the topics discussed by the delegates were:

  • Socializingnew opportunities and challenges such as M2M and OTT,
  • operational efficiency and the future-proof organisation,
  • monetizing technological development such as 4G and cloud,
  • fraud and security issues, and
  • matters related to regulation.

2operate contributed to this year’s Teleforum by presenting a case on how the incident management process had been improved at Faroese Tele, one of the Teleforum member organisations.

2solve reduces OPEX

A short online article on Teleforum can be found here.

LMT and 2operate received Innovation Award from Global Telecoms Business

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London, 14 May, 2014 – Leading Latvian operator, LMT, and Danish OSS supplier, 2operate, received innovation award from Global Telecoms Business.

Lars Moltsen at GTB Innovation SummitAt the annual GTB Innovation Summit held Wednesday night at the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel in central London, Latvian service provider, LMT, and Danish network management software specialist, 2operate, were announced as winners of one of the Global Telecoms Business (GTB) innovation awards in the wireless network infrastructure category. The award was given to the two winners for their joint project on Process Improvement in Customer Care using Artificial Intelligence which was completed in 2013.

It was a pleasant surprise for us to receive this award.” said Aigars Benders, Technical Director in LMT. “The solution that came out of the project with 2operate is very supportive to our internal processes. We always aim to be best in providing great customer experience and this project was a step in that direction.

We are very happy and proud to receive this prestigious award from Global Telecoms Business.” said Lars Moltsen, CEO at 2operate. “LMT has some really dedicated people with a combined customer and network focus working in a number of teams in their Customer Care organization. The project we did together was very successful in securing great collaboration between different team members. Advanced technology for automated reasoning was applied to increase the level of network understanding. When everybody has a better view of the network, the organization as a whole is more efficient.

LMT-award_smallAbout LMT

With more than 1 million subscribers, widest network and biggest turnover, LMT is the leading mobile operator in Latvia offering a range of high-quality and value added services and the widest network coverage. LMT’s mobile communication network covers more than 99% of the territory of Latvia, and LMT was first to provide mobile 4G in the country. Today, more than 50% of the Latvian population is able to enjoy mobile 4G from LMT.

About 2operate

2operate is Europe’s most innovative OSS provider, according to market research by leading analyst firm, Frost & Sullivan. 2operate provides the most user friendly OSS tool in the market today. User friendliness is partly achieved by using automated network element diagnostics based on advanced mathematics. Automated diagnostics means that non-technical staff gets an understanding of raw data which otherwise requires an engineering background. Technical staff also benefit, since automation helps determining the root cause of problems much faster than with traditional OSS tools.

2operate is based in Aalborg, Denmark. It was founded in 2009 by a team of experienced telecom executives and software experts to commercialize IPR developed under two European research projects on network automation. 2operate builds upon a strong combination of core technical skills and telecommunications business processes understanding. The company mission statement is “Simplifying Troubleshooting” which clearly states how its solutions differentiate.

Meet 2operate at the GSMA Mobile World Congress

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2operate is Europe’s Most Innovative OSS provider according to recent research by Frost & Sullivan. Visit our stand in Barcelona to learn why!

2operate is unique by placing (human) knowledge about service/network troubleshooting in structured knowledge bases. These are provided as part of our 2solve solutions, which exploits advanced mathematics for executing automated diagnostic reasoning based on the knowledge bases.

map_halfMeet us in Hall 6, Stand 6C50

2operate will exhibit in Hall 6 as part of the Danish pavillion. Book a meeting in advance: Send an email to mwc14@2operate.com.

Re-active and Pro-active Incident Management

2solve is a revolution to Performance and Fault management processes: By having automated diagnostics combining evidence from alarms and performance data, you do not need to wait for the right technical expert. Non-experts can quickly screen incidents and dispatch to the right owner in seconds – or tickets can be created automatically and assigned to the right technical unit.

This can be used in both re-active troubleshooting where the incident is dicovered from customer complaints, or even better, it strengthens pro-active troubleshooting where incidents are discovered through automated, periodic screening of all network elements. Automated diagnostics means that troubleshooting is faster, and the incident will often be resolved before customers experience any problem.

About 2operate

2operate is a young, fast-growing company serving mobile operators with simplified troubleshooting by use of our award-winning 2solve solutions. The tool belongs to the area of OSS/CEM, but is special by having its own “brain” providing automated diagnostic reasoning, such that it may be used by staff that would traditionally not look into technical data from the OSS. 2solve makes it possible to reduce time, resources and cost of incident management by up to 75% and at the same time increase customer satisfaction and hence improve churn rates. Commitment and dedication are key words for 2operate as this is the way we want to continue adding value to our customers.

2operate Featured in New VanillaPlus on CEM

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Make sure to read the new CEM issue of VanillaPlus where 2operate’s CEO, Lars Moltsen, talks about mixing network-centric and customer-centric processes.

Traditionally, network quality has been ensured through strong, network-centric processes. In recent years, Big Data technology has allowed for better Customer Experience monitoring. But just because you have a new left eye available, you should not forget about the old right one!: The way forward to achieving efficient incident management is holistic, rock-solid processes making use of combined subscriber-centric and network-centric data.

2solve is 2operate’s system for proactive incident discovery and simplification of the troubleshooting process. The system exploits advanced mathematics originally developed for medical diagnostic purposes for process automation. This enables non-technical staff to verify or classify incidents and involve the right technical specialist much faster.

A PDF version of the issue is available at this link.

Claus Munkholm is the new VP Sales in 2operate

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2operate today named Claus Munkholm to be its new Vice President Sales. Claus brings more than a decade of telecommunications industry business development and sales experience to the company. He will be responsible for growing sales globally to enable network operators worldwide to benefit from simplified, automated processes achieved through award-winning 2solve from 2operate.

Claus MunkholmAalborg, Denmark, 30 September, 2013 – “2operate was recently named the most innovative OSS provider in Europe, and we are very happy that Claus has joined our team to ensure that our offerings are made available to network operators worldwide.” said Lars Moltsen, CEO of 2operate. “Claus is not only a great and honest person, he also has a deep understanding of the needs and challenges in modern network operator organisations, and he will be able to assist our customers in exploiting the benefits of true, automated reasoning provided in 2solve.”

Claus joins 2operate from Dantherm Power, a power backup solutions provider for telecommunications networks, where he served as Global Sales Director. He was responsible for building the global sales organisation as well as establishing sales channels and partners, achieving 100% turnover growth year over year for 4 consecutive years. “I am very pleased to join 2operate.” said Claus Munkholm, Vice President Sales at 2operate. “The company is onto something really great, and I look forward to promote our state-of-the-art solution for OSS and CEM, 2solve. 2solve is very easy and fast to deploy and it is simple to use via its outstanding user interface making troubleshooting in mobile networks an easier task with minimal resources involved and hence being a great asset for mobile operators for whom customer satisfaction is essential.”

This press release in PDF (English)

2operate Doubled Revenues and Tripled the Number of Supported Networks

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2operate today announced the results of fiscal year 1 July 2012 – 30 June 2013. In short, the number of operator customers was increased from 2 to 4 and likewise, revenues were doubled to DKK 1.9 million. Moreover, the deployed installations now represent all key mobile technologies (2G, 3G, and 4G) and leading equipment vendors (Ericsson, NSN, and Huawei).

Aalborg, Denmark, 27 August, 2013 – “The main focus in the past year has been scalability.” said Lars Moltsen, CEO of 2operate. “In particular, we have been quite successful in increasing the number of supported network technologies and equipment providers. This means that our solutions are now available off-the-shelf to 90% of the World’s mobile network operators.”

“The company has been able to make significant progress in market penetration despite challenging market conditions.” said Kaj Juul-Pedersen, Chairman of the Board of 2operate. “The reason behind this can be found in the great level of innovation of the offered solutions – which was also recognised by Frost & Sullivan who named 2operate as the winner of their prestigious New Product Innovation Award for Operations Support Systems/Network Management – and we are confident that the positive trend will continue in the coming years.”

This press release in PDF (English)
This press release in PDF (Danish)

Teleforum 2013 at Faroe Islands

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On 16-17 May, Faroese Telecom hosted this year’s Teleforum event in Thorshavn, Faroe Islands, where a number of the World’s smallest service providers, all members of TOSS (Telecom Operators of Small States), met to share experiences.

The delegates discussed a range of the same commercial and technological challenges as known from larger markets. However, smaller markets also means special challenges and opportunities which demand different solutions and approaches:

  • How to compare/benchmark performance against operators with millions of subscribers?
  • Are there special revenue streams which are insignificant for big operators, but perfect for a small operator?
  • How and when to deploy and operate new technology when technical resources are limited?

toss200x127A 2solve solution is in many ways a good fit with small operators: Its auto-diagnostics capabilities can be of great help when personnel in network operations needs to cover multiple technologies (working as generalists more than specialists) in the small organisation.

The event also allowed for more informal talks and time to meet the culture and nature of the Faroe Islands. Here, delegates of Teleforum on a boat trip, having Tinganes – the Faroese parliament, dating back to the original viking settlers – in the background.

2operate is the Most Innovative OSS Provider in Europe

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Frost & Sullivan presents 2operate as Europe’s Most Innovative Provider of Operations Support Systems.

award125x225London, UK, May 14, 2013 – At the award ceremony of Frost & Sullivan’s annual Growth, Innovation and Leadership event at the Guoman Cumberland Hotel last Tuesday night, the Danish telecom software provider, 2operate, was celebrated as the receiver of the 2013 New Product Innovation Award in the Operations Support Systems (OSS) category. The CEO of 2operate, Lars Moltsen, was present to receive the award.

Download the recent Frost & Sullivan Best Practices report here.

Frost & Sullivan’s announcement may be found at this link.

This press release in PDF (English)
This press release in PDF (Danish)

LMT selects 2operate for Efficient Network Operations

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Latvijas Mobilais Telefons (LMT) selects 2operate for Efficient 2G, 3G, and 4G Network Operations.

Riga, Latvia, March 22, 2013 – The Danish company, 2operate, represented by its Chairman, Kaj Juul-Pedersen, has signed an agreement with leading Latvian mobile operator, Latvijas Mobilais Telefons (LMT), represented by its Technical Director, Gunars Danbergs, for the delivery of its advanced Operations Support System (OSS) solution, 2solve, for 2G, 3G, and 4G network monitoring and troubleshooting. 2solve has unique capabilities for enabling a wider range of staff members to understand the network compared to traditional OSS tools. Key features of 2solve include aggregation of realtime data to visualize the impact of network incidents on customer experience as well as automated diagnostic reasoning.

The decision process leading to the agreement included a pilot project, and Gunars Danbergs said: “We evaluated 2solve over a three month period, and the solution met expectations on our measured parameters. In particular, 2solve makes service and network data available to more staff members, what makes 2solve a common working tool between divisions. During the evaluation period, 2operate also proved to be very effective in reacting to our demands and requests.”

“Our project team already spent a lot of time with LMT personnel, and the quality and dedication of how they work has made a great impression. It makes me very happy and proud that the collaboration shall continue as a long-term relation.” said Kaj Juul-Pedersen. “During the pilot period, LMT personnel has been very active and constructive in helping us developing 2solve to be even more friendly to staff members sitting close to customers. We believe that the key to achieve best in class software is to sit with end users and listen carefully to their needs.”

About Latvijas Mobilais Telefons (LMT)

With more than 1 million subscribers, widest network and biggest turnover LMT is the leading mobile operator in Latvia offering a range of high-quality and value added services and the widest network coverage. LMT’s mobile communication network covers 99% of the territory of Latvia, enabling 97.76% of the Latvian population to enjoy mobile communication possibilities. The mobile 3G network provided by LMT covers already more than 93% of the territory of Latvia. LMT is the first and the only mobile operator providing 4G mobile network service in Latvia. The company has entered into roaming agreements with 562 mobile communication networks in 184 countries.

Read more about Latvijas Mobilais Telefons (LMT) at: www.lmt.lv

This press release in PDF (English)
This press release in PDF (Danish)