Latest 2operate innovations on view at the Mobile World Congress

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We invite you to come and check out the latest 2operate innovations at our stand 7N71 in Hall 7.

Energy consumption by base stations plays a big role in mobile network operating costs, and Radio Access Networks account for the majority of this power consumption. And RAN operating costs are expected to increase still further as 5G rolls out and more 4G frequency bands become available.

With our new ECO-RAN solution 2operate has been busy rethinking how best to enable mobile operators to minimize energy consumption in RAN – especially for complex, multi-vendor network setups.

Applying advanced AI optimization algorithms, 2solve ECO-RAN is able to identify network elements that can be entirely or partly deactivated during low traffic periods in order to reduce energy consumption.

We will also be showcasing how our 2solve Service Classifier tool is able to take coverage calculation and optimization to the next level. Converting and presenting accurate coverage calculations from planning software in easy-to-interpret structures and formats helps many different mobile service provider stakeholders make better-informed decisions about planning network infrastructure.

Service Classifier is also pivotal in ensuring compliance with the conditions and obligations laid out in regulatory licenses. From a high-level view of polygons featuring license requirement fulfilments, we have made it possible to break the network map down into 50x50m or 100x100m detailed squares of service-quality information.

This provides operators with immediate, detailed insights into each network’s performance metrics, and quickly identifies any detailed mismatches between license regulations and network performance. Using the 2solve Service Classifier, operators know exactly where – and how – to intervene to bring any service quality shortfalls back up to any required standard.

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Meet 2operate at TELFOR 2019

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2operate will attend the 27th Telecommunications Forum TELFOR 2019 in Serbia 26-27 November. Together with our partner TERI Engineering our CTO José Gutierrez will be giving a keynote on Wednesday afternoon about our latest innovations around AI and machine learning techniques for forecasting network traffic demands to help optimze energy consumption in RAN.

ECO-RAN: Energy Consumption Optimization in Radio Access Networks

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A new Danish R&D project will help accelerate green and sustainable transition in mobile telecommunication. The project headed by 2operate in collaboration with mobile infrastructure owner TT-Netværket P/S and Aalborg University, and partly funded by CLEAN a leading Danish cleantech cluster, is focused on building and live testing a fully automated optimization system to minimize the energy usage in mobile radio access networks (RAN).

Energy optimisation and commitments to reduce CO2 emissions as part of a greener company profile has become a hot topic around the world. Energy consumption by base stations is the main contributor to high mobile network operations costs; and in particular Radio Access Networks caters for the majority of base station power consumption.

As RAN costs are expected to increase even further with the launch of 5G and more 4G bands, there is a significant financial gain optimizing energy consumption, but also a growing interest in contributing and investing in energy solutions leading the way to the long-term EU strategy for a climate-neutral economy by 2050.

The project named ECO-RAN will exploit the possibilities of developing a self-learning and self-configuring solution that continuously adapts the most optimal power saving profile for a mobile network without compromising on the performance and network quality for any given time.

By applying AI and machine learning algorithms ECO-RAN will exploit complex business rules and advanced functionality by predicting traffic forecasts for which network elements to be deactivated due to low traffic demand.

As a spin-off to forecasting and prediction the project will also verify how the optimization algorithms may help to identify areas for improvement of quality of service by optimization of neighbouring cells and deployment of new network equipment.

2operate and GomSpace to boost constellation management with artificial intelligence

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March 4th, 2019 – 2operate and GomSpace to boost constellation management with artificial intelligence

As the space economy is switching from single satellite infrastructures to constellations of affordable small satellites, network elements inevitably increase in complexity.

2operate and GomSpace, together with Aarhus University, are working together within the MegaMan project, funded by Innovation Fund Denmark, to evaluate how existing telecom standards and existing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions developed for the terrestrial telecom sector can be leveraged to manage future satellite constellations robustly and efficiently.

As part of the collaboration, the partners have successfully evaluated 2operate’s existing AI-based 2solve product using the GOMX-4 satellite mission by GomSpace and the Delfini-1 mission by Aarhus University.

The use of 2solve and AI for satellite constellation management help reduce the amount of operator hours required to manage satellite constellations by reducing work-load for network monitoring and for root-cause-analysis tasks, as the AI is trained using expert knowledge to automate these tasks. Further, the automation of these functions means that network incidents can be resolved much faster leading to higher availability of the satellite services.

Based on the successful trials, 2operate and GomSpace have signed an MoU to strengthen the companies’ collaboration and to prepare introduction of the 2solve AI-capabilities through GomSpace’s Mega-Constellations Operations Platform (MCOP) being introduced by GomSpace’s subsidiary in Luxembourg.

“It is very exciting for us to see how the lessons learned from the terrestrial telecom sector can boost the uptake of advance network management solutions for space – and how well our product adapts to the new requirements”, says Christian Ingerslev Sørensen, CEO of 2operate.

“Being able to operate satellite constellations 24/7 with the highest availability is a key capability for GomSpace, and being able to integrate proven solutions reduces both risk and required investments”, says Niels Buus, CEO of GomSpace.

2operate and GomSpace last week jointly exhibited at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, showcasing how the application of the 2solve product applied to satellite mission management.

For more information, please contact:
Niels Buus (CEO, GomSpace) / Christian Ingerslev Sørensen (CEO, 2operate)
Tel: +45 40 31 55 57 / Tel: +45 2070 4128
Email: / Email:

About GomSpace Group AB
The company’s business operations are mainly conducted through the wholly-owned Danish subsidiary, GomSpace A/S, with operational office in Aalborg, Denmark. GomSpace is a space company with a mission to be engaged in the global market for space systems and services by introducing new products, i.e. components, platforms and systems based on innovation within professional nanosatellites. The company is listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier exchange under the ticker GOMX. FNCA Sweden AB is the company’s Certified Adviser. For more information, please visit our website on

About 2operate A/S
The company helps mobile telecom and satcom operators rethink how it’s possible to configure, monitor, manage and fault-find their networks for greater efficiency, manpower-saving simplicity, improved reliability and lower operating costs. Using AI, automated processes, advanced simulation technology and state-of-the-art interfaces that are ideal for less-experienced and less-trained staff, 2operate paves the way for greater efficiency and simplicity in network operations, along with much faster incident processing.

2operate wins the CANTO Innovation Award

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Panama City – July 24, 2018 – During the CANTO Caribbean 2018 conference dinner, 2operate was presented as the winner of the CANTO Innovation Award for its project to set up effective mobile network monitoring for Sint Maarten-based service provider, Telem, based on its innovative 2solve network assurance platform..

Lars Moltsen, Chief Science Officer at 2operate said: ”It is a great pleasure to receive this award for our collaboration with Telem in the past year. Telem is our first customer in the Caribbean market, and we are impressed by the maturity and customer focus of their organization. We surely will continue serving them in the future with greatest dedication”.

Eldert Louisa, CTO at Telem said: ”We have established a new and highly effective network operations unit making use of 2operate’s 2solve solution to ensure excellent network quality to all our customers. 2operate has been very efficient and a great partner, listening to our needs during the project, and we trust them to keep up the good work for us in the future”.

The CANTO Innovation Awards are biennial awards honouring the highest achievements from the Mobile sector of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry, celebrating organizations that are blazing a trail within the sector. These inaugural awards will recognize and celebrate members that demonstrate excellence and innovation in service creation and delivery with the most advanced technologies, exercise modern operational methods and performance management, while making a solid contribution to Caribbean communities.

At the CANTO 2018 conference, 2operate also signed a partnership with regional solution provider Ictual.

Information about this year’s CANTO conference can be found at this link.

Photos from the Innovation Awards ceremony can be found at this link.

2operate signs partnership with Ictual for the Caribbean market

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Today at the ongoing CANTO conference in Panama City, the two telecom solution providers, Ictual and 2operate, announced that they will be partnering on network management solutions for the Caribbean market.

With its 2solve platform of solutions, 2operate helps mobile network operators worldwide to establish efficient work processes in customer care and network operations. These offerings will now be available throughout the Caribbean with local support from Ictual, who is well-known in the region for its high-quality ICT services and solutions.

We are excited to strengthen our presence in the Caribbean with this new partnership with Ictual“, said Christian Ingerslev Sørensen, CEO at 2operate. “Ictual’s experienced, pragmatic IT professionals will be an important asset for our expansion in the region“.

2operate is a true innovation pioneer, and we have great expectations for this new partnership“, said Andrew Solomon, Managing Director at Ictual. “We want to make sure that our customers here in the Caribbean have access to the latest and smartest technology from around the world“.

The two companies were represented at the CANTO conference by Geraume Bor, CTO at Ictual, and Lars Moltsen, Chief Science Officer at 2operate (photo at the top).

About Ictual

Ictual is a high quality and innovative solutions provider in Telecom, Finance and Government markets. With knowledgeable and experienced IT professionals Ictual offers tried and proven solutions based on leading technologies. Ictual is more than an ICT vendor always aiming to provide more value and benefits to you as our valued customer. Headquartered in Curacao Ictual also has extended operations into The Netherlands. For more information visit

Meet 2operate at CANTO Annual Conference and Trade Exhibition

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2operate will be joining industry leaders from the Caribbean at the upoming CANTO Conference in Panama City July 22nd-25th. Meet us for a chat and learn how we help mobile and satcom service providers achieve significant efficiency gains by making key network configuration, management and fault-finding procedures simpler and less prone to inconsistencies and errors.

To pre-book a meeting contact us at

2operate provides management system for new satellite network

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On Friday, May 11, 2018, the first commercial telecommunications satellite from Bangladesh was launched by a new SpaceX Falcon-9 Block 5 rocket. This also marked the start-up of the first 2operate management system for space.

The newly-developed SpaceX Falcon-9 Block 5 launch vehicle orbited the Bangabandhu-1 satellite from Kennedy Space Center in Florida on May 11 at 22:14 CET. The satellite was developed by Thales Alenia Space and will be operated by Bangladesh Communication Satellite Company Limited (BCSCL) from two control centers in Gazipur and Rangamati. 2operate’s award-winning 2solve solution is an integrated element of the management platform in these control centers. Bangabandhu-1 is Bangladesh’s first commercial satellite, providing broadcasting and telecommunication services to rural areas of Bangladesh and its neighboring countries.

2solve helps network operators to establish efficient work processes in customer care and network monitoring. The solution is unique by exploiting advanced algorithms to achieve automated incident diagnostics, thereby improving the overall productivity of network operations.

We collaborated with Thales Alenia Space to integrate a turn-key management platform over the past year“, said Christian Ingerslev Sørensen, CEO at 2operate. “The satellite launch today was of course a major milestone for the project“.

2operate demonstrates new 2solve Service Classifier and make first sale

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Barcelona, Spain – February 27, 2018 – Prior to this year’s Mobile World Congress, 2operate had announced two new products, 2solve Service Classifier and 2solve Site Configurator. Today at the conference, a first contract was signed with TELE Greenland for the installation of 2solve Service Classifier on top of the already-deployed 2solve platform at TELE Greenland.

2operate has been selected by TELE Greenland to provide 2solve Service Classifier, a new module for the 2solve platform which helps operators visualizing and understanding network coverage. The new contract was signed at 2operate’s stand at Mobile World Congress by Kristian Davidsen, CEO of TELE Greenland, Christian Sørensen, CEO of 2operate, and Kaj Juul-Pedersen, Chairman of the Board at 2operate.

2operate is a front-runner in network operations simplification. Our aim is to reduce complexity and enable automation of manual processes. This is accomplished through hands-on experience from many years in telecommunications operations combined with world-class software engineering skills.

Meet 2operate at Mobile World Congress 2018

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Meet 2operate at MWC18

2operate will exhibit at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, 26 February-1 March 2018. Meet us there for a chat about efficient and effective network operations. New this year will be automated site configuration and service quality classification (find information about these at the Solutions Descriptions page).

Find us at our booth in Hall 6, stand no. 6C50 (look for the “Denmark” pavilion). We look forward to meet you there!

To pre-book a meeting, contact Helle Friis, Executive Sales Manager: +45 2270 7373 /

2operate will lead new project on satellite networks management

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Reuse of telecom standards to boost mega constellations take-off

A new Danish R&D project will reduce the complexity of satellite mega constellations by exploiting existing standards from cellular networks. The project is headed by network operations software specialist 2operate in collaboration with nanosatellite pioneer GomSpace and Aarhus University.

Satellite mega constellations are about to revolutionize satellite-based telecommunications services. Traditional satellite communication based on geo-stationary satellites in orbit at 36,000 km. above the Equator imply a roundtrip delay of at least half a second. Mega-constellations of satellites in low orbit (around 1.000 km.) will reduce roundtrip delay to less than 100 ms. between most locations on earth. Moreover, the coverage, scalability, and flexibility properties of mega constellations outperforms geo-stationary satellites.

One of the great challenges of mega constellations, however, is the increased complexity of system operations. The satellite operator will need to establish strong processes for monitoring and operating thousands of interconnected satellites, where new satellites will be deployed over time for added capacity. Furthermore, faulty satellites may need to be taken out of service.

The new project “MegaMan” (Mega-Constellations Services Management) will exploit the fact that cellular networks share many properties with mega constellations in terms of the number of network elements and the need for continuous performance/fault monitoring, remote configuration, and tracking of service quality of users. During the past 25 years, the operations of cellular networks have led to a range of concepts, best practices, and standards under e.g. ITU and 3GPP. Many of these concepts are directly applicable to mega constellations operations, and the MegaMan project will adopt and adapt these for future mega constellations.

It is obvious that the solutions and standards developed for the operations of “constellations” of cellular network elements may be reused for mega constellations“, said MegaMan project manager, Lars Moltsen, who is also the Chief Science Officer at 2operate. “By doing so, we expect to skip 2-3 years of maturity time compared to the default approach of re-inventing everything. Right now, focus is to ensure connectivity, but we know that as soon as the new mega constellations enter operation, the operators will start demanding efficient solutions for daily operations“.

Follow the project here.

Meet us at CANTO

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2operate will exhibit at the upcoming CANTO event in Punta Cana July 16th-19th. Meet us there for a chat about our visions for simplifying network operations and hear how we have been breaking new ground with our Site Configuration Management Solution.

You can pre-book a meeting by contacting us at



Focus on Network Operations productivity in Barcelona

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2operate exhibited again this year at Mobile World Congress, 27 February – 2 March. Having 108,000 delegates, it became the biggest Mobile World Congress ever. 2operate presented and demonstrated its solutions for Network Operations productivity improvements, and based on the amount of visitors, it seems that this area is getting more and more attention. It is clear that the industry is maturing these years and increasing network complexity demands better tools for network monitoring.

2operate welcomes two new customers

2operate signed contracts with two new customers during the event. Sint Maarten-based TelEm Group and TELE Greenland both decided that timing was right to increase network visibility. More about these new contracts are found in earlier posts.